I grew up with the nickname, 'Data' from the Goonies; which in all honesty isn't a bad thing... 

My parents wanted me to work in medicine and it looks like I'm still the only member of the family who does not. Thankfully my life hasn't been hindered too much as I've been lucky enough to film across the globe in far off distance places (compared to London) with people from all different cultural backgrounds. 

I've been employed in a variety of moving image production roles from on the borders of North Korea to cars going sideways to World leaders to Producing TVC's and now over the last few years developing my strengths in VFX / 360 / AR - VR  interactive cross over 'digital' projects. 

It's a long story spanning over 13 years at the moment, so I won't bore you on here but do get in touch and I'll be more than happy to do that you over the phone or even better,  a cup of tea... 

With over 35+ years life experience I have done the following: 

Enjoyed playing football at school but scored more own goals than the manager preferred

Was surprisingly good in the local little league though

Loves being told stories

Enjoys collecting sneakers and watching anime

Has worked in a supermarket

Has performed as a VO artist on a radio commercial for a Rock station in Manila

Has worked as a landscape gardener

Has worked as a painter and decorator

Loved playing basketball was ok but not good enough 

Has always loved food 

Graduated from with a degree in Graphic Design - S.I.A.D - Now University for the Creative Arts in Epsom

Has worked in a department selling suits (argggghhh)

Used to make shapes on the dance floor around London town - not very good at that either

Has worked delivering posh cars 

Worked as a runner

Stood in a lift making conversations about life with Alex James not even knowing who he is

Trained as a a cameraman with Auntie Beeb

Became a freelance Lighting Camera Operator

Started a small production company specialising in motorsport 

Filmed on the borders of North Korea

Filmed across China

Filmed in Japan 

Filmed in Philippines mixed with a stint of being a VO artist

Filmed throughout Europe

Filmed in the USA 

Filmed in New Zealand

Filmed in many weird and wonderful places

and of course filmed in the UK and throughout Europe 

I’ve worked as a shooting PD for a TV shopping channel 

Got married (I'm punching #lolz) 

I was headhunted by an agency in Leicester to manage the creation and production of TV adverts & Digital / AR apps

After a year my commute veered towards London,  working for eg+ (AMV/BBDO) where I managed the Mercedes-Benz TVC’s globally

Once that contract finished I was asked to work at the mill for 2 weeks - this ended up being a total of 11 months 3 weeks

Met Jon Snow at the mill. Again, didn't know who the 'famous' person was at the time

I crossed back over to agency side to produce Apple adverts - itunes and the iphone 6 global launch campaigns

Then moved to the Framestore to make a Christmas special Beats headphones TVC

I became one of the first judges for the London Motor Film Festival

At the same time, I made x9 TVC's for sky and put a third eye on a Raven 

I then crossed back over to agency side once again at Maverick Advertising and Design producing projects that cover:

Film / VFX / Animation / DIGITAL (AR/VR/interactive 360 Films)

The family expanded into a family of 3 then 4 (Daughter and then a puppy arrived with 5 months between them) 

I've been at Maverick as a Senior Agency Producer / PM since April 2014

In November 2017, I decided I wanted to work closer to home

Since December 2017 I am now employed as the Global Video Marketing Manager at RS - Components